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Franchise Partnerships

For many small and medium businesses, the greatest hurdles to their growth are business development and lack of credibility.

Through our Partnership programme, we empower small businesses and firms by giving them an opportunity to become Franchisees for Slate.

Why join the Slate Franchise Network?

Why go it alone when we can grow our business together?

We understand the challenges faced by small businesses and are here to lend a helping hand. By partnering with us, you can develop your own business while assisting business owners all over India.

Business development

Slate’s marketing and business development team reaches out to hundreds of potential clients each week. We then match the requirements of interested parties with our Partners and help onboard them as your client, with minimum effort from your side!

Timely collections

Slate pays its Partners within 30 days of billing date even if clients delay their payments. For all clients on Slate’s platform, we send out invoices and follow up on collections using auto-reminders and technology-enabled processes.

Employee training

Slate’s goal is to provide reliable and convenient service to clients. In keeping with that goal, we train our partners’ employees to provide consistent service quality across the entire Slate network.

New revenue sources

Slate has partnered with many other providers of complimentary services, such as, legal, secretarial, etc, which can be useful to your clients. Revenue from such opportunities is shared with the corresponding Partner.

Larger returns for a small investment

The greatest benefit for Franchisees of Slate is the exponential rate of returns seen by their businesses.
For an initial investment of ₹25,000, our Franchise Partners have seen massive returns.

Revenue growth from 5 to 50 Lakhs over five years

Internal Return Rate (IRR) greater than 250%

A much richer and extensive client portfolio

Who can join the Slate Franchise Network?

We look at our Franchise Network as an opportunity for professionals setting up their practices to establish and grow their business.

In order to qualify as a Franchisee, the following conditions must be met:

Become a Franchisee in 5 easy steps

Become a Franchisee with Slate