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How Slate helped L'adore become more nimble

See how L'adore, a premium kids apparel brand was able to take better control of their financial health with Slate.

Before Slate, I didn’t know the true picture of my company’s financial performance.


L’Adore is a premium kidswear apparel brand, born out of 40+ years of expertise by the textile house GTN Industries. As a young, growing business they faced a lot of challenges when it came to managing their finances.

We spoke to Prachi Patodia, Founder & CEO of L’Adore to find out just why she believes Slate has become an essential tool for them and how it has eased her life as the owner of a young, growing business.

What were things like before Slate?

Before Slate, I didn’t know the true picture of my company’s financial performance. I was overwhelmed with Excel spreadsheets, which only caused more confusion with a larger number of orders. As an entrepreneur, my work was to create new and exciting apparels for children, I spent a lot of time going back and forth with the accounts team, trying to understand profitability and cash flow status, as well as trying to figure out which platforms are working better than others. All this information would usually only become clear after several hours and days of effort.

How has Slate changed the way you do business?

I originally tried Slate as a system for their affordable accounting services. Being a visual person, and not a numbers person, I immediately found the graphs and charts so much better than the big blur of numbers contained within a spreadsheet. Slate also enables me to track channel-wise profitability, tracking and ageing of receivables and payables, besides handling my compliances.

With Slate, it is much easier and quicker to keep a grip on the company’s financial performance, and know my cash flow needs. This has helped me take better and faster business decisions.

In 2 years of being in this business, I have tried countless programs that are supposed to facilitate financial administration in various ways, but Slate not only simplifies but makes it super easy to access and use anytime-anywhere. My liquidity position has improved by at least 20% and I have won back several hours of my time, which I can put to more productive use.

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