How To Generate and Modify E-way Bill?

E-Way bill

Under the new regime of GST, all transporters are required to carry an e-way bill with them as they transport goods from one place to another. In this blog, we will discuss what this e-way bill is, how it can be generated, and steps to modify the same.

What is a Taxable Event Under GST?

taxable event under gst

Understanding what is taxable event under GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a must for all business owners and employees dealing with the financial aspects of the business. The inception of the GST regime in India solved many complications in previous tax laws and brought all taxes under one roof: GST.  However, with the coming […]

How to Save Income Tax on Salary in India?

how to save income tax on salary in india

Income Tax refers to the fragment of an individual’s income collected annually by the government authorities. In India, a big portion of an individual’s earnings is deducted as income tax. It generally imposes a significant burden on saved income rather than consumed income. This makes it difficult for several families to save some money for […]