What are the 7 Steps to Prepare a Statement of Cash Flows?

A cash flow statement is a financial statement that shows the inflow and outflow of cash within a business. It is considered one of the essential reporting documents, along with the income statement and balance sheet, to get an insight into the company’s finances. A business generally prepares the statement of cash flows at the […]

How to Calculate Cash Flow Statement?

how is cash flow calculated

Calculating the cash flow statement is a lengthy process, one which involves several variables. Along with the company’s income, you have to include the expenses, credit, payments, receipts, etc. After jotting them down and their corresponding figures, the accountants are supposed to find out that one figure we discussed above, closing cash balance. Along with […]

What is a cash flow statement?

what is a cash flow statement

A cash flow statement or a statement of cash flows summarizes all the cash and cash equivalents that come in and go out from a company. It can be expenses, benefits, revenue, profits, dividends, etc. Together with the company balance sheets and income statements, a cash flow statement is one of the three pillars of […]

16 Tips for Managing Small Business Finances

tips to manage small business finances

Financial education has become essential for every adult in today’s fast-paced world. As a result, it becomes necessary to be financially aware when running a business or thinking of starting one, regardless of its niche, size, and scale of operation. Most small businesses cannot survive the cut-throat competition in the business world today, even if […]

What is Cash Flow, and Why is it Important?

what is cash flow and why is it important

Cash is the moving force of a business. A business needs cash to carry out its day-to-day expenses, and have enough left over to invest in growth and expansion. Without having adequate cash, maintaining routine activities, such as repaying investors, paying suppliers, purchasing raw materials and paying salary to employees, becomes tough for business owners. […]