What is Liquidity Risk Management?

liquidity risk management

As the name suggests, liquidity risk management aims to manage and mitigate the liquid or readily available funds of the organisation. It is a process that monitors the liquidity risk in the present time to meet its short-term obligations without any shortfall or financial loss. Investing in liquidity risk management is a win-win situation for […]

7 Avenues of Raising Business Finance

how to raise funds for business

It is a general tendency for startup businesses to fail within the very first year of their operation. The main reason behind this is the lack of proper funding. Corporations need to raise their business finance or startup capital to invest in new projects and enhance their businesses in new spots or locations to sustain […]

9 Different Business Insurance for Startups & SME’s in India

types of business insurance for startups

A startup is like your own kid – you would like to keep it safe at all costs. But given the volatility of the business landscape, new businesses are often more likely to run into serious financial issues than settled corporations. For example, when you are a startup or an SME, a single lawsuit can […]

9 Common Cash Flow Problems & Their Solutions

9 common cash flow problems

Cash flow is like oxygen to a business. It means that if you are able to maintain it correctly, it can help you survive and thrive. But if you have a sluggish approach towards it, it can push your business towards its demise. Unfortunately, we have come across several companies suffering from cash flow problems, […]