What Is Discounted Cash Flow?

Accountants/ business analysts use the discounted cash flow method to determine the future value of money from an investment made today. That is why it is important to know what is a discounted cash flow.

Cash Flow vs. Net Worth

Whether you are a chartered accountant or the owner of a small to large business enterprise, this article on cash flow vs net worth will be extremely important for you. Cash flow and net worth are the fundamental instruments for determining the financial health of a company or enterprise. While cash flow denotes the amount […]

9 Common Cash Flow Problems & Their Solutions

9 common cash flow problems

Cash flow is like oxygen to a business. It means that if you are able to maintain it correctly, it can help you survive and thrive. But if you have a sluggish approach towards it, it can push your business towards its demise. Unfortunately, we have come across several companies suffering from cash flow problems, […]