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Accounting Karo Na!

Covid 19 – This tiny little virus has shaken up the largest of companies and countries! It is creating havoc everywhere – from our daily lives to stock markets and entire economies! However, compliances, such as, GST and TDS are expected to be filed on time, Corona or No Corona!

Work from home -– While governments of the world are encouraging work from home, for most businesses, their accounting information, such as, payables, receivables, invoices etc. is not readily available. However, just as they say, “the show must go on”, business must go on, Corona or No Corona!

A wake-up call for digitisation – Large businesses have already moved their accounting and related processes to the cloud and it is now time for startups and SMEs to embrace the convenience and reliability of the same digitization at a fraction of the cost. With the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) coming up with a proposed web form for Companies and LLPs to update on their “work from home” strategies, this has become all the more critical right now.

Operations at your tips! – Once you start managing your financial data on the cloud (without dependency of physical office space), you will be able to run your business more smoothly, with better financial insights, irrespective of where you are ! Remember the convenience and liberation that mobile phones brought to your personal life as compared to being tied down with only landline phones? This is the kind of change you will experience by being able to access financial details and transact from anywhere. Right from taxation to compliance and transactions – all available at one place in one click! This is the power of Slate’s easy to use platform and best-in-class accounting service.
We at Slate are bringing the future to your doorstep. You can stay on top of your financials and compliance from anywhere – from home or office; from a vacation or a sales trip; Slate will also help you save time and money in the process; Corona or No Corona! Moreover, we maintain your accounts and compliances in an efficient and hassle-free manner, using lots of cutting-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence, so you can focus on your business and stop worrying about these administrative tasks.

To know more call us at +91 85300 25506 or email us at sales@slate.ac; also feel free to follow us on our Facebook & Linkedin page for more information on reliable and hassle-free accounting & compliances!




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